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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learn to Be a Successful Stock, Forex , Futures Trader With a Solid Trading Plan

Learning to trade the investment markets you need to have skill and knowledge. The successful traders have learned how to trade and cut their trading losses. Here are some ideas on how to learn to trade the stock, futures, forex markets.

1. You need to learn from the ground up. You need to educate yourself about what stock market you want to invest in. You need to learn that in trading you will have losses, trading is risky that's why you need to educate yourself. The more you learn about investing the more confidence you will have when you place a trade. To make money trading you need have your own trading strategy and have your own profit and loss objectives. You must developed this yourself from trial and error.

2. You need to learn to be flexible in your stock trading style,not everything in a trade is cut and dried. When you place a forex or futures trade from your own research you will be more successful. Take your time this is one of the secrets to profitable trading,don't be in a hurry just to place a trade out of boredom. Make sure to study the markets futures,forex or stocks.Try paper trading first to get confidence in an investment trading strategy. This will make you confidant when you start to use real money to trade with.

3. You need to developed a money management system that works for you. A plan of how much to put back into your account and how much to take out. This should be in percentages not dollar amounts. Most experienced traders try and profit 2% a day on the amount at risk in a trade. Make sure you set your targets and stops for each trade. Do not let your losses effect your confidence its part of any trading learning experience. If you have a loss do not try to force another trade hoping to make up the loss this is a big mistake.

4. If you decide to trade from home you need to have a quiet business type area to work in. Good computer equipment and high speed internet access. Try and keep distractions to a minimum this is a serious job if you want to make money. This is a job that you need continuing education on what the different markets are doing news, politics ,weather can effect your trades especially in the futures markets. Work on sticking with the task at hand. Keep notes on your day to day activity keeping losses small and let the profitable trades run. Learning to be a profitable trader takes time and effort in believing in yourself and your trading system.

(Source: ehow.com)

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